Holt Motorcycles LTD, Bayfield Brecks Business Park, Holt, Norfolk

Classic Restorations

At Holt Motorcycles we undertake and oversee all types of motorcycle restoration projects and classic motorcycle work no matter how big or small from mechanical overall through to full restoration.

We operate a scheme where any restoration project or classic bike work can be undertaken in stages, a 'slow mover'. This allows you, the customer, to effectively 'pay as you 'go' and in turn means we can offer discounted labour charges. We keep you informed at all stages of the work and we encourage you to be part of the project by visiting our premises as necessary. This has the important advantage of allowing you to become involved with the project and not just presenting you with a bill at the end. Also, you will be more able to understand the costs involved and therefore can budget accordingly.

We have successfully 'breathed life' back into several classic bikes most recently a 1953 Francis Barnet, complete mechanical overalls, two BMW R80 Air Cooled Twin valves one of which had a complete overall, an early Kawasaki ZXR750 and a little Raleigh Wisp, whilst also completing smaller work on several other bikes.

Paul our classic bike mechanic mainly spearheads British bikes and early 'smaller' Japanese bikes, Whilst  I Jamie (owner) concentrates mainly on the European and later larger Japanese machines. However, we do work very closely together on all bikes irrespective of their origins. We also have Jon who is our sales assistant and fronts the shop most Saturdays who is also very passionate about  Classic motorcycles both Paul and Jon own several of their own machines and ride them often.  Our small team love's classic bikes and there is nothing more rewarding than to see these bikes back on the road being used. Ongoing service work etc is also available for your bike.

Please feel free to contact us on 01263 502308 or email or  better still pop in anytime and see us for a chat with Paul and Jon being present most Saturdays if you wish to speak to them directly. You will receive a very warm welcome and be under no obligation.


We are aiming to have this work complete by the 7th of  Feb

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